Deploying WireLessMesh Network

Currently me and my team is working on Deploying a wireless mesh in OscPro and later intend to scale it up to cover the entire city.The idea was of our company founder and he plans to provide the following servicces using the mesh Network Is

1)Internet Access


3)Thin clients

Now Going Back to Some Detail about wireless mesh we have an excellent article on Wikipedia and the Article written by Mumbai Linux User Group that is available on wikia .

Going Back on the Mesh network it’s quite fascinating to see the way they work,

A Wireless mesh network is a mesh network implemented over a wireless network system such as wireless LAN.

Whereas the Internet is mostly a wire-based, co-operative electronic communication infrastructure similar to the international postal agreement, in that messages are mutually delivered and relayed within their separate domains free of charge (i.e. if you relay my messages within your domain I’ll relay yours within mine), Mesh is a wireless co-operative communication infrastructure between a massive amount of individual wireless transceivers (i.e. a wireless mesh) that have Ethernet type capabilities.

Now This Mesh networks have 70 Different protocols that can be used but the most used probably is olsr(optimized link state routing algorithm).

This mesh networks have been deployed Globally at




and probably 50 odd instances of they being in working condition .

THe Guys who deployed The Mesh Network in MIT have actually created a startup(called meraki.com) that deals with deploying Mesh Network in your community.Their model has actually caught since i believe they are probably making money by deploying mesh networks by selling the devices they have created .

More about the devices we plan to use and how we intend to deploy it in later blogs.

Architecture of Mesh Network


Here is the Link to a pdf file which describes Wireless Mesh Network .

Introduction toMesh Network


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