Some Questions For Linux Community..

I have Lots of questions in my mind which need to be Answered and I’m Just posting them as well posting my view or what i feel about those .

1)When Are we Guys Gonna innovate?

Innovate means Innovate In real sense.I believe that most apps(My Belief) that exist in at least the Linux Environment have been created after they Existed on some other Platforms.

2)When are we guys gonna stop Bashing Microsoft??

Why do we always have to compare ourself with Microsoft.Why do we have to unnecessarily bash MSFT whenever we compare linux and Microsoft?Why cant we just talk about the features that are there in Linux and talk about the potential of Linux without putting it through the lens of another OS?

3) When are we gonna stop being Arrogant??

Why do we have to have so In your face attitude when dealing with amateurs ..?


2 Responses to “Some Questions For Linux Community..”

  1. 1 zubzub
    July 30, 2007 at 12:04 am

    1) I dont know about this, it usualy seems the other way around. Big corporations usualy dont say things like: ´we got the idea from the opensource community but we remade it and ask money for it´. They rather say things like ´look at our new inovative interface!´ and launch a million dollar marketing campaign.

    In fact most of the time big companies have more money and man power to make new ideas that usualy originate from the community into something usuable quicker so it looks like they invented it…

    2)When they stop abusing their monopoly. There’s nothing wrong with their products these days (well… most of the time at least) but their ways of utterly killing the competition is not very ´halal´. MS also has a total lack and disrespect for international standards in their products, forcing other software writers to adapt their products to the MS way.

    3)This is true, but usualy comes from a ´Ive seen the light, why can’t you?!´ dream translated into arrogance.

    Also most of the linux users have learned everything they know themself. They expect others to do at least some research themself before asking 1001 questions. If they notice you’ve tried but you can’t find a solution, they’ll be very happy to help you.

  2. 2 shirish
    September 11, 2007 at 8:14 am

    Just an addition to

    3. You have to point out the research you have done before going to them. This makes things better :)

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