Opensuse vs K/Ubuntu head to head (Part-2)


Having Installed opensuse more than 10 times on my pc it was a breeze for me to install it,However if you the process of
installing form a newbies or noobs angles ill say its quite a tedious task,
1.Selecting Packages during installing is a quite tedious task or in’fact the new patterns neither makes it easier to install
2.Selecting what kind of encryption you want to store your password is quite a headache ,I mean people who just want to get their pc’s running why would they want to know what kind of encryption you want to use
3.However Suse does have an Advantage In hardware Configuration bcas it lets you config all the hardware before you log in to the system thats quite handy since suse never recognised my monitor and i had to do it manually and hence very Helpfull.

In K/ubuntu
k/Ubuntu Installation Is a breeze very quick just asks you user basic needs and asks you what partition you want to use or do you want to manually edit it
But i believe there is a huge drawback in all the ubuntu distros is that the cd distro that you download from the net does not conatin all the software needed to have a resemblance of a proper system(You need quanta kdevelop ,games which dont exist in the cd distro) while Suse does come with comprehensive list of software ,As far as i feel biggest draw back of K/Ubuntu is the standard list of software available with its standard disrto ,You do have a comprehensive list of repository where you can download all the software that you need but that cannot be the way for millions of people wo do not
have broadband connection i mean downloading 500 mb of software on a dialup would be a joke.

(There ia software called APTonCd that allows users to create a repository out of software already installed on a K/Ubuntu machine however from
newbies point of view that would be a little tedious,However from a Experienced users view point that piece software is god sent.)

Ill give opensuse 3/5

Ill give K/ubuntu 3/5


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