Webaroo rocks…..

I tried this software developed by Webaroo Inc which allows you to download web pages (so called web packs ) and view them offline ,now this web packs are updated as the web pages are updated .For this you need their client installed.this client right now is available only for windows based platform.Webaroo is also available for j2me devies as well as u3 devices.

Another feature that i liked is that you can download this web packs on usb devices and carry it wherever you go this are updated as soon as you connect to internet .

Now readers must be thinking why am i posting abt webaroo on a linux blog,reason is i have friend who works for webaroo and said linux installer may be available in future releases ,so just letting the cat out of the bag.

Rgarding web packs availabe the biggest one is the wikipedia one which is abt 4.7 gb so quite big..But how abt having entire wikipedia offline or burning it on a cd and letting school children have it ..No need to buy brittanica or Encarta ..

Also once you have downloaded the web packs you can add websites to it if you want it to be available offline ,(I havent tried this)..

The J2me version of webaroo has a problem ..it des not update the pacakges downloaded ..so needs a fix and the web packs available in this case are limited(they have been adapted for the mobile version so no worry over the size of web packs over there)

Check out all the web packs available on this webaroo.

As far as rating it ill give 3/5 ….

let meknow whether you liked it or not..


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